Most common surnames 30.5.2016

Surname Men Women Total
Korhonen 11846 11399 23245
Virtanen 11916 10986 22902
Mäkinen 10540 10388 20928
Nieminen 10617 10257 20874
Mäkelä 9880 9650 19530
Hämäläinen 9614 9410 19024
Laine 9306 9359 18665
Heikkinen 9038 8860 17898
Koskinen 8949 8749 17698
Järvinen 8414 8327 16741

Population Register Centre publishes on website all given names and surnames of Finnish citizens which have more than 50 occurrences in Population Information System as open data. The data is available as CSV files and summary of 1000 most popular names of each table are available as PDF files. The material is updated twice a year.

Given names have been separated into tables of male and female names, where the first table displays occurrences of all given names, the second table displays the occurrences of given name as a first name and the third table displays the occurrences of given name as other than first name. Table of surnames displays the surnames in order of number of occurrences.