Most popular first names by decades   24.10.2016
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1960-69 1970-79 1980-89 1990-99 2000-09 2010-16

Selected years  Total

  MEN     WOMEN  
Juhani 347991   Maria 377707
Johannes 251065   Helena 170904
Olavi 229635   Johanna 147429
Antero 187598   Anneli 145826
Tapani 157497   Kaarina 132668
Kalevi 144314   Marjatta 123657
Tapio 138935   Anna 117925
Matti 129716   Liisa 102180
Mikael 122755   Annikki 98480
Ilmari 118212   Hannele 92798

Numbers of first names include all the persons stored in the population information system including dead people. Statistics include also other first names than the first given name.

Population Register Centre publishes on website all given names and surnames of Finnish citizens which have more than 10 occurrences in Population Information System as open data. The data is available as CSV files and summary of 1000 most popular names of each table are available as PDF files. The material is updated twice a year.

Given names have been separated into tables of male and female names, where the first table displays occurrences of all given names, the second table displays the occurrences of given name as a first name and the third table displays the occurrences of given name as other than first name. Table of surnames displays the surnames in order of number of occurrences.