First names 30.3.2020
You can search for first names by writing the chosen name in the search box. The first name must be spelt correctly, e.g. Maria, Matti-Juhani, Lisa-Marie.

First name search by year is removed for privacy reasons.
The figures for first names include all current names stored in the Population Information System and deceased people's valid names at the time of death. Statistics also include middle names in addition to the first name. For reasons of protection of privacy, the service will not show the exact number of holders of certain first names if they are uncommon.

The Population Information System also includes rare first names, for example, names that originate in other cultures and countries. Not all of the names entered in the system can be automatically approved as a name for a newborn in Finland. When you are considering whether or not to give your child a rare name, you should check with Digital and population data services agency or parish to find out if it is a legal name.